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I am giving you a complete course on topics for Classes 11, 12 and early college math.

Courses can be seen below. .


Matrix methods and Linear Algebra

Welcome to this course on Matrix methods and how to solve a system of equations using matrices. 

Topics outlined in this course are

Echelon form, rank of a matrix and normal form of a matrix.

Gauss Elimination method and Gauss Jordan method

Gauss Seidel method

Calculating inverse of a matrix using adjoint .

There is a collection of all the formulae learnt in this course with an assignment at the end.

Feel free to contact me for further details

Probability Class 12 notes

This course will help you to understand concepts of Probability which will be useful to you. Topics covered are

Basic concepts of Probability

Addition theorem, Multiplication theorem and conditional prob

Total probability and Bayes' theorem

Random variables :prob distribution, mean variance

Binomial distribution :prob distribution, mean and variance

You can access the 1st session on the following link.


Relations and Functions: Class 12

Important questions with solutions

This course covers all that you need to know in Sets, Relations and Functions for Classes 11 and 12, CBSE , ISC streams.

We start with Set Theory and then proceed to Relations, types of Relations, Equivalence relations, Functions. types of functions and Invertible functions and Binary operations. There is a complete set of formulae of Relations and Functions included in the end. The entire course is available for Rs 799 or $15 or 8pounds. The first lecture on Set Theory is given below.

Permutations and Combinations Class 11 CBSE

Personalized. Friendly. Quality Education.

How do you understand the difference between Permutations and Combinations Class 11?

The mission of this course is to make permutations and combinations for class 11 easy for you.

The entire chapter is explained simply. 

Examples are provided with answers.

Formulae are provided

Here, you will learn about
Permutations of distinct and not distinct objects
Circular Permutations
Mixed problems on Permutations and Combinations
These are a set of math videos for grades 11 and 12 .This is similar to a tutoring service where you learn at your own pace. These are also useful for grades 11 and 12 CBSE math. So , get help with math- grades 11 and 12.
The first session is free. The entire course is available for Rs 499 only.
Feel free to email me for any further queries.

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