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Probability Class 12 notes: Mathematics

Presenting a complete set of notes for Classes 11 and 12 Mathematics,Probability, CBSE and ISC curriculum.

I start with an introduction to Probability using the empirical definition. This is useful for Class 11 and the SAT, GRE QUANT exams. This is followed by the conditional probability, mutually exclusive, exhaustive and independent events There are 2 sessions dedicated to this. We then learn about total probability and Bayes' Theorem as an application to it. This is followed by random variables, their probability distributions and mean and variance. You will learn about Bernoulli trials and how to distinguish a binomial distribution from a random distribution. There is a worksheet on Probability at the end. As a bonus, you will be presented with all the probability formulae learnt in this course in a nutshell.

The entire course is available for Rs 1099 or 20$ or 15$. So, let's start learning!

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