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Second Order Derivatives-Mathematics-Class 12-ISC-CBSE

Here, you will be introduced to problems on Second Order Derivatives. Rolle's Theorem and its geometrical application is also introduced. In Class 12 Mathematics, you are generally asked to solve a lot of identities in Differentiation , involving second order derivatives. This lesson prepares you for this. There is also the statement of Rolle's Theorem with its geometrical implication which is introduced. This lesson is aligned with the class 12 syllabus which only focuses on application of Rolle's Theorem. Hence, the proof of Rolle's Theorem is not mentioned. I am a math educator teaching mathematics for over two decades. I have tried to simplify this topic for you. This lesson is a good takeaway for Class 12 students of the ISC, CBSE or any other board. As a follow up, I have two more lessons on problems on Rolle's Theorem and Lagrange's Mean Value theorem and its applications. These are available for a small fee. Alternately, I also take online classes.You can also visit my page for more videos.

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