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Exploring 3D Geometry-Class 11 Concepts and Applications

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Class 11 3D Geometry is incredibly easy. So just dive into this page and start learning. There are a couple of video lessons on 3D Geometry here which are very handy.

You'll start with learning about the three coordinate axes X,Y and Z and the three coordinate planes, XY, YZ and ZX planes.Learn how to find the foot of the perpendicular from a point on the coordinate axes or on the coordinate planes.

You'll also learn how to reflect a point on the coordinate planes. Moving on, you have the Distance Formula, Section formula and the Midpoint formula which are all an extension of Coordinate Geometry.  Note that, for the Section Formula, you can have internal and external division. 

Calculating the centroid of a triangle is also something you should know. So that concludes this topic on 3D Geometry for Class 11. Class 12 3D Geometry is much more extensive.

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