Welcome to this Class 11 Mathmatics! Here you will find a number of math videos on:

  1. Functions

  2. Introduction to Differentiation

  3. Arithmetic Progression and Arithmetico Geometric series

  4. Permutations and Combinations

  5. Coordinate geometry: Straight lines is extensively dealt with topics such as equation of a line, intercept form and normal form, distance of a point from a line and much more.

  6. Trigonometry : which involves evaluating trigonometric angles, evaluating sum and difference of 2 angles, multiple and sub multiple angles, trigonometric equations and properties of triangles. 

  7. Statistics which teaches you mean, mode, combined mean and standard deviation, mean deviation, standard deviation, Correlation and rank correlation

  8. Complex numbers: finding the modulus and argument

  9. Parabola - equations and conditions of tangency.

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Class 11 math introduces you too Calculus. Here, you will learn briefly about Functions, types of functions and a basic introduction to Differentiation, which is then continued in detail on my Class 12 math page.


In this session, you will learn about one-one, onto, and bijective functions and also a few important functions which every student of Calculus should know. 

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'Introduction to Differentiation' Video Link

A very basic level of differentiation is introduced in Class 11 and this is what this session is about. You will learn about the Quotient and Product rule and derivatives of some basic functions. I would call this video the stepping stone of differentiation.

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You will be introduced to a very important yet tricky topic : Permutations and Combinations. Each problem has a unique approach.


You will be introduced to a basic overview of Permutations and the mathematical approach to evaluate them.For more details on Permutations and Combinations, you can purchase my course on Permutations and Combinations for just INR 750 or 10 USD.


Introduction to Limits Video Link

An extremely important concept where you are taught what are limits and how incredibly easy it is to evaluate limits given the correct formulae. Algebraic and trigonometric limits are discussed here with a few examples. A very important session.

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You will learn about Sets, Relations and how a function is derived from a relation. You will understand the inter relation between each of these and why we learn about Sets before we learn about a function.

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An introduction to Combinations is provided here. You will also learn that a combination means "selection" while a permutation means "arrangements". A useful session for SAT maths and GRE QUANT as well.

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Quadratic Inequalities

A very useful application of inequalities which is used in application of derivatives to find the points at which a function is increasing or decreasing. I often find myself repeating this concept to students as they take time to understand.So watch this video a couple of times.

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The next 2 sessions cover arithmetic progressions and Arithmetic Geometric series

Arithmetic Progression

This session will teach you all that you need to know about arithmetic progression, finding the nth term of an A.P and how to find the sum of n terms of an A.P. A useful video for class 11, CBSE and ISC maths.

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Arithmetico Geometric Series

A slightly tricky topic which is extremely important and you almost always get a question from this topic in ISC Class 11 maths. So listen carefully and practice every step with me. I have tried to take as many problems as possible. 

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Trigonometry is of immense importance as it is used extensively in Calculus. You will be introduced to a lot of concepts and notations in this session. So watch carefully and practice diligently. Feel free to send me your queries.

Evaluating trigonometric angles

Here, you will learn how to calculate the trigonometric angles in all the 4 quadrants. The concept of A,S,T,C "All silver tea cups" is introduced. The beauty of it is that it is so incredibly simple, if properly understood and that is what this website is about, to make math easy for you.

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Trigonometric functions of sums and differences

An extremely important video used extensively in Calculus . You will be introduced to a wide range of formulas, all needed in Differentiation and Integration.You will learn how to covert a sum or a difference of angles into a product and vice versa.

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Multiple and Sub multiple angles

Yet another important session from the Calculus point of view. You will understand how the same formulae works for any multiple angle ,just that we divide it by half. The formulae of cos2x -all the 3 forms are very, very, important!

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Principal and General Solutions of Trigonometric equations

Coming to more advanced trigonometry, these sessions teach you how to find the principal and general solutions of trigonometric equations. The first video has over 3000 views. Overall, an important topic.

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Properties of Triangles

Yet another important topic in trigonometry which requires a fair bit of understanding. You will learn about the sine and cosine rule and its applications in geometry.

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Complex numbers

Polar form of a complex number

We move from trigonometry to Complex numbers and you are going to learn how to convert a complex number in the form z = x +iy in the polar form. You are taught how to calculate the modulus and amplitude. Useful tips on calculating the amplitude in each quadrant are given. These are not explained in text books.So make use of this session and as I always say, keep practicing to improve your understanding of math.

Straight lines-coordinate geometry

This topic is dealt with in great detail here .  We start with all the basic topics taught in class 10 and move on to more advanced topics.

Distance and Section formula

We start with the very basics in Coordinate Geometry, namely, the distance formula where you calculate the distance between 2 points and the Section formula where you are taught how to calculate the ratio in which a line or a point divides the join of 2 points. 

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Slope of a Line

Yet another easy concept, where you will learn how to calculate the slope of a line . A topic taught in Class 10 maths as well.

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Equation of a line

These 2 videos will give you some insight on how to calculate equation of a line, again a part of Class 10 math

Intercept and Normal Form of a Line

You will learn what is the intercept and normal form of a line and simple techniques on how to do the same. I am just a phone call away!

Distance of a point from a line

How will you calculate the perpendicular distance from a point to a line? Watch this video to find out!A very important property used in Calculus and Conic sections.

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Angle between 2 lines in Coordinate Geometry

The concept of angle between 2 lines is explained here. Note that , when we put the modulus sign, you get the acute angle. If you remove the modulus sign, you get the obtuse angle .

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Locus Problems in Coordinate Geometry

You are introduced to locus and how to apply it in problems. Basically you need to remember that the locus is a point which moves and satisfies a given condition. The concept of bisector of the acute angle and obtuse angle between 2 lines is also discussed. An important topic! 

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Conic section: Parabola

You will be introduced to parabola which is one of the topics in Conic Sections, again , a slightly advanced topic.

Parabola: A basic understanding

What is a parabola and how is it derived from Conic sections? You are taught how to calculate equation of a parabola given its focus and directrix. Tips on how to calculate the axis is also discussed.

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Types of parabola

You are introduced to the 4 basic types of parabolas and how to calculate the focus, vertex, axis, directrix equation, length of the lotus rectum in each case. An interesting point to note is that for a parabola, its eccentricity is one.

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Condition of tangency for a parabola

How to calculate the equation of a tangent to a parabola? Learn the different methods and the approach to be taken for each type by watching this video.

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Moving on to Statistics, the topics covered here include Mean Deviation, Standard deviation, Mean , Median, Mode. Quartiles, Deciles and Percentiles,Correlation , Rank Correlation and much more!

Quartiles, Deciles and Percentiles

You will learn how to calculate quartiles, deciles and percentiles for a discrete and continuous frequency distribution. A popular video useful for College maths as well.

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Calculating Mean Deviation

You are taught how to calculate mean deviation for a discrete and grouped frequency distribution. Though, mean deviation is not widely used, it is a useful tool to know how data is distributed around the mean.

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How to calculate the combined mean, standard deviation and mode

3 important concepts are discussed here, namely how to calculate the combined mean and standard deviation and how to evaluate the mode for a discrete and grouped frequency distribution. The problems on combined mean and mode are used for the GRE and GMAT quant section as well.

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You cannot learn math just by watching videos. You need to practice every step with me slowly until you understand. 

Standard Deviation

How to calculate standard deviation, for a discrete set of values and a frequency distribution, both grouped and ungrouped is discussed here. A useful video.

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Correlation coefficient

What is correlation coefficient ? Learn different ways of computing the correlation coefficient . A very important tool for students learning Statistics. You cannot learn just by watching videos.. Learning becomes fruitful when you take a pen and paper and practice along with me!

Rank Correlation coefficent

What is rank correlation? Learn more about this and Spearman's rank correlation for distinct ranks and repeated ranks by watching this video!

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