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Class 11 Mathematics: Limits and Derivatives Explained.

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The concept of Limits and Derivatives is introduced in Class 11. But what you learn in Class 11 is just a tip of the iceberg of what you will learn in Calculus in Class 12. In this page, I will give you a general know how of preparing Limits and Derivatives for Class 11. 

I have provided a few youtube videos here as free resources. Feel free to use them. You can also contact me for online tutoring if you need further help.

First of all, in Class 11, you'll be introduced to the concept of Limits. Initially the concept of neighbourhood may seem strange to you, but it takes time to get used to. You'll learn some standard theorems on limits and algebra of limits.

The concept of left hand and right hand limits is also introduced here. Keep in mind that while evaluating problems on limits, as x tends to c, you can substitute the value of c in the function, provided the denominator is not zero. If the denominator becomes zero while substituting, then you need to make some adjustment to avoid having the denominator zero.

You need to learn how to evaluate the limits for the modulus function and the greatest integer function. You'll next move on to Trigonometric limits where you'll learn certain standard limits for sine, cosine and tangent function. Keep in mind that these limits are extensively used in Calculus.

A good knowledge of multiple and sub multiple angles in Trigonometry is required at this stage.  You'll then proceed to limits of exponential and logarithmic functions. These are useful in Calculus. 

Next, you'll learn to evaluate derivative of a function using the definition. This is where limits come in handy. You realise why you learn limits first and then derivatives.

It becomes slightly tedious to calculate the derivative using the definition. This is where you learn certain basic formulas for derivatives . These include  basic algebraic functions and trigonometric functions.

Finding the derivative of a function becomes incredibly easy now. You are also marginally introduced to the Chain rule for calculating derivatives. So here's a basic gist of Limits and Derivatives for Class 11.

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