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Online Tutoring is provided for Class 11, 12 Mathematics ISC, CBSE and Engineering Math. You can choose to be tutored one on one or opt for group classes. 
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An introduction to what Reasoning is about. You are introduced to Statements, conjunction, disjunction, implication, biconditional and their truth tables. As a math educator, teaching math for over 2 decades, I have tried to represent this topic in as easy a way as possible. The next session, part 2 covers more about this topic. Students of Class 11 from both the CBSE and ISC streams should find these lessons useful as it tries to give you all that you need to learn about reasoning in a nutshell

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The story unfolds with a few problems on truth tables, which we introduced in the last lesson. Then you are introduced to the two types of quantifiers, negation and how to write the negation of a quantifier. I have noticed that this is a topic in which students make mistakes. I have given simple tips on how to write the negation of a quantifier. Then , we continue with how to write the inverse, converse and contrapositive of a statement. The story ends with validating arguments, though proofs or through counter examples. The best part about this lesson, that you can get as a takeaway is that all this is not readily available in any text book. With my experience as a teacher, I have tried to simplify this for you.

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