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sequences and series formulas

Online Classes are provided for Class 11, 12 Mathematics, CBSE, ISC and Engineering Math to help you ace your Exams. You can choose between one to one tutoring or group classes. 
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This video teaches you all that you need to know about arithmetic progression and arithmetic series for class 11. The target audience could be high school Math students or anyone interested in learning Mathematics.It also teaches how to calculate the nth term, sum of n terms and how to introduce arithmetic means between two numbers. Sum of the problems include: Write the 10 th term of sqrt(3), sqrt(12), sqrt(27)--------

How many numbers of 2 digits are divisible by 6?

Find the sum of 72 +70+68+-------40

f the sum of the 1st 7 terms of an A.P is 10 and that of the next 7 terms is 17, find the 28th term. Online classes are also provided. You could choose between a particular topic or the entire syllabus. You can email me at for more details.

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What is an Arithmetic- Geometric series? How do you calculate its sum of n terms or sum to infinity? Watch this video/presentation to find out. Here, we learn what is an arithmetic -geometric series. We learn how to identify its nth term and learn techniques to calculate the sum of n terms or sum to infinity. We also use the three summation formulae for sum upto n terms. Online tutoring is provide. You can choose between specific topics or the entire curriculum.

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