I am a Math educator teaching Mathematics for close to 3 decades.
I started out in 1991, by teaching Math in M.V.L.U College and later in G.N Khalsa college to undergrad students. This was my dream job at that time and I worked for 10 years .
Later on, as I moved with my family across continents and to Bangalore, as a mother of 2 young children, I joined the same Convent school as my daughters were studying, and started teaching Mathematics to High School students in Sophia High School.
Years have passed since then. My children have graduated from High School and College. I moved to teach in Greenwood High.
I have accumulated a vast plethora of knowledge and experience over the past 3 decades. Mathematics is a very easy subject if you are taught the right way.

Just as you need to know the correct approach to climbing a mountain, you need to know how to study Mathematics the right way. By connecting with me, this is just what you can do.
You could also have access to a variety of free math videos and a few paid courses as well. Online tutoring and webinars using Teams, Zoom, Google Meet is also available for you to choose.
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You can contact me on mathews.suman@gmail.com
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