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3 Video Lessons Worth Learning to Boost your Marks in Logic

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

A complete guide to Logic and Mathematical Reasoning for Class 11 Mathematics ISC , CBSE-NCERT.

The syllabus for Mathematical Reasoning for Class 11 is mentioned as self explanatory for students.

This is slightly difficult for a student who has never studied Logic before. The text books especially in ISC Mathematics have given a number of exercises in Logic.

Keeping all this in mind, these video lessons are prepared to equip you with all that you need while avoiding the redundant part.

Mathematical Reasoning is used widely in Computer Science These lessons give you the basic Gist of Reasoning.

The 1st lesson introduces you to the basic concept of a statement. You will learn that statements are denoted by small letters.Truth values and negation of a statement is introduced to you.

Simple exercises are provided which will walk you through.When 2 statements are joined together we get a compound statement.

You will be introduced to the different connectives namely Disjunction, Conjunction, Implication and Bi Conditional and the Truth tables for these. These truth tables are the fundamentals of Mathematical Logic.

The next lesson introduces you to 3 very important definitions, namely, Converse, Inverse and Contrapositive. You will learn real life examples where the sentence is broken into simple statements, its equivalent form is calculated and then converted back into a statement.

For Class 11 students, it becomes imperative that you learn how to write the Converse, Inverse and Contrapositive of a statement.

The last lesson talks about the concept of if and only if , Necessary and Sufficient Condition and how to rewrite a biconditional statement in these forms. You need to keep in mind that Bi conditional, If and only if (iff), necessary and sufficient condition imply the same.

Quantifiers are also taught here together with their mathematical notations. There are 2 quantifiers, namely, there exists and for all.

Examples where you identify the quantifier and calculating the negation of a quantified statement are also illustrated. This in my opinion is slightly tricky as you will see.

You can register for viewing the entire lessons or sign up for online tutoring.

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