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4 Simple Problems to Understanding Continuity-CUET Mathematics

Data driven problems which are extremely useful for Class 12 Mathematics, CUET.

These problems have been handpicked for you and they cover most of the important concepts of Continuity.

If you are in Class 12 studying Mathematics, you have reached the right stop. If not, do share it with those in need.

The 1st question is a basic question which teaches you that if a function is continuous, then the limit of the function at that point = the value of the function at that point.

The 2nd problem shows you how to calculate the derivative of the modulus function using a simple formula.A not so common formula, but yet important.

You will learn how to calculate the points of discontinuity in the next problem.

Note that if the denominator is zero, the function does not exist and hence is not continuous at these points.

You will conclude by learning about the continuity of Trigonometric functions.

You need to keep in mind the domain of trigonometric functions. The function cannot be continuous in a point outside its domain.

That's all for now, folks! Hope this was useful. Feel free to share with students of Class 12 Mathematics.

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