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Beta and Gamma Functions-Properties with Examples

  • A very useful course for you if you are a student of mathematics at the college or graduate level. This course introduces you to Beta and Gamma Functions and how to evaluate them.You will learn how these two functions complement each other.

  • You will start with the basic expressions of Beta and Gamma functions.

  • You will see how the gamma function is evaluated for integer and non integer values.

  • You will learn the Duplication formula and simple applications of it.

  • Next, I will show you how you can express Beta and Gamma functions in terms of the other.

  • You will see the practical applications of these in integration problems.

  • I conclude the course with an assignment which has the complete solution for you to check. I have tried to make the course as complete as possible. I am a math educator teaching mathematics for close to three decades and I feel you should make use of this course and enhance your math skills.

There is a promotional discount on this course, offer valid until 29th May 2021.

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