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Course on Numbers-Quantification and Numerical Analysis

This course is a part of Applied Math-Class 11 CBSE curriculum.

We start with binary numbers. The digits 0 and 1 are called binary digits. You will learn how to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers and the other way round. The decimal numbers are the digits 0,1,2----9

You will learn how to understand calendar problems. Have you ever wondered which day of the year you were born?. You will learn how to determine if a year is a leap year and about odd days. A leap year has two odd days.

You will move on to problems on the clock. Certain facts about the minute hand and hour hand are explained to you. You are taught how to calculate the correct time if the clock loses or gains time. How to calculate the angle between the 2 hands of a clock, a very age old problem is explained.

This is followed by speed, distance and time problems. A very simple but tricky concept. You are taught how to calculate the average speed and the relative speed for different distances and the same distance. The time taken for 2 moving objects to cross each other is also explained.

You will end the course with seating arrangement problems. The 2 types of seating arrangements, namely, linear and circular are discussed. You will understand how to calculate the left and right of 2 people sitting around a table and facing the centre of the circle. This is a very important concept frequently misunderstood by students.

Overall, this is a great course which is very useful for students preparing for quantitative aptitude examinations.

Is there any other topic you would need help in? Feel free to let me know.

There is a discount on this course valid until 23 may 2021

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