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Course on Probability-From Chance to Uncertainty and More

Have you wanted to learn Probability on your own? Each problem here follows a different approach. Here's helping you to understanding Probability better.

I am Suman Mathews. I have a double master's in Mathematics and I have taught Maths to high school and college students for the past three decades. A good knowledge of Probability will also go a long way in helping you in SAT and GRE QUANT exams. Here's a short course in Probability for you.

To start with, you'll learn the basic definition of Probability and how to apply it in problem solving. You need to keep in mind that probability=(number of favourable events)/total number of events. You'll learn about Conditional Probability, Mutually exclusive and independent events and properties regarding these.

Moving on, you learn about Total Probability and how it leads to Bayes' Theorem. There area a number of solved examples illustrated here for you to practice. This comes to the end of the first part of the course.

Next, you'll learn what are Random variables and how to calculate the mean and variance of discrete and continuous random variables. The course teaches you how to distinguish between a discrete and continuous variable. Moving on, you'll come to Binomial distributions and how to check if a variable is a random variable or follows Binomial distribution.

This is extremely important and the course teaches you how to distinguish between the two. Learn how to calculate the mean and variance of random variables and a Binomial distribution. You're also given all the formulas taught in the course as one module.

Bonus-Learn about the Poisson Distribution in Probability. You'll learn about the mean and variance of the Poisson distribution and its application in problems.

Enrol for the course and enhance your learning. Thank you!

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