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Formulas in Differentiation-Mathematics-Class 12-ISC-CBSE

Presenting as many formulas as possible to give you a quick revision before your exams. This lesson deals with formulas for Differentiation. While studying formulas is not the way to learn Mathematics, this is just a quick revision before your exams. Being a math educator for over two decades , I am putting up this video to help you as I know how important it is for you to know your formulas in Mathematics. I have started with basic differentiation formulas, then proceeded to trigonometric differentiation. The chain rule for differentiation composite functions is explained. Then various methods for implicit differentiation and logarithmic differentiation are explained. Parametric differentiation is also touched upon. The session concludes with the statements of Lagrange's Mean Value Theorem, Rolle's Theorem and its applications. A good takeaway for mathematics class 12 students. For more videos, you can visit my page I am also available for online classes

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