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Formulas- Inverse Trigonometric Functions

I am just trying to make problem solving in Inverse Trigonometric Functions easy for you by presenting you with a set of formulas. While mathematics is not about learning formulas, this is a last minute revision for you. Inverse Trigonometric functions is not an easy topic as such. The lesson starts with the domain and range of the six inverse trigonometric functions. We then proceed to finding the principal values, a very likely question in your exams. These can be solved using a few simple techniques as illustrated. We then proceed to finding the value of the reciprocal of an angle and then move on to the basic sum and difference formulas. As a math educator, teaching math for over two decades, I believe these formulas will greatly enhance you last minute exam revision. A useful takeaway for Class 12 mathematics students of the ISC, CBSE or state boards. I am also available for online classes. For more videos, visit my website

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