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How to Learn Determinants for Class 12 Mathematics NCERT

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

See how easy it is to learn Determinants. This post gives you a clear idea as to how to prepare for Determinants.

You are in Class 12 and you find Determinants fairly easy. As a Mathematics teacher, I have seen even my weakest student scoring in this topic. This post will fine tune your skills and help you to excel in this topic.

Determinants was developed by Leibnitz, a Mathematician to help him solve a system of equations quickly. To every square matrix, we can associate a number which is called its determinant. In Class 12, though we restrict ourselves mainly to determinants of order 2 and 3.

A determinant can be expanded by any row or column. If A is any square matrix, then the minor of A is the determinant of A, obtained by deleting the i th row and the

j th column of A. In this context, we have the cofactor matrix.

This formula is used to find the area of a triangle using determinants.

area of a triangle using determinants

Learn how to check if a matrix is singular. In this question, given a singular matrix, you have to find x. The answer is simple, just find the determinant and equate it to zero.

Problem on singular matrices

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