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Revolutionizing Math Education: Effective Online Tutoring for Classes 11 and 12

Updated: Jan 5

Effective Online Math Tutoring for Classes 11 and 12

So, you are a student and have to learn Math as one of your subjects. You may have heard people say, that, "It is good to learn Math as it builds up your foundation and you can choose between a wider range of subjects in College, when you know Math". So, naturally, you want to learn Math and to excel in it.

You will need to use Math in quite a few disciplines such as, Engineering, Economics, Commerce, Actuarial Science, just to name a few. But, somewhere, along the way, you start finding Math a little difficult and need some extra help. In the hustle and bustle of school life, sometimes, a few basic concepts of learning Math get ignored. And then you start looking for that extra help, you may call it tuitions, if you like.

I have taught Mathematics for about 3 decades, a decade, teaching undergraduate College Mathematics and 2 decades teaching High School Math. I can tell you that learning Math is just about similar to learning a new language, where you start with the alphabets, that is, the basics, and move on to the most advanced topics. So, this is where I started online tuitions for Math for Classes 11, 12 and Engineering Math.

So, why online classes? Online classes gives you so much more flexibility. To start with, you save travel time, which may be, say, about 2 hours in cities. Then let's say, you are sick, or have to attend a family function. Just carry your laptop with you and attend the class online. During the Covid pandemic, I had students attending classes from all over the world.

You can avail Math classes for 11 and 12, for the ISC, NCERT and State Syllabus from me. Starting with Class 11 Mathematics, you have just passed Class 10 with a score of probably 90 percent in Math. But you may find your scores dipping drastically in Class 11. Why ?

Class 11 Math is a big jump as compared to Class 10 Math. And it becomes imperative for you to understand Class 11 Math because that is a foundation or stepping stone for Class 12 Math. Also, as young teenagers, you may want to be in the "cool" group in class and then somehow studies takes a backseat.

So, I can teach you Class 11 Math starting from the basics and gradually build up your foundation in Math. Now, with NEP being introduced, and the possibility of Class 11 exam papers being set by the Council, it becomes all the more useful for you to avail of online classes which I am offering. Topics in Class 11 such as limits, summation in Series, Properties of triangles in Trigonometry are a few topics which will really need your attention. Feel free to click on the links of these topics to access my lessons. So, here's effective online math tutoring for Classes 11 and 12.

You have moved on to Class 12. Class 12 is just a daze. You have hardly 6 months of classes between your various activities in school or college and your practicals for the Science students. Before you know it, you are faced with your Board exams.

You know, as well as I do, how important Class 12 exams are for your future plans. I would recommend that you start studying for Class 12, as early as March-April of the previous year. Here, is where my online Math classes come in handy for you. I have been teaching Class 12 Mathematics for over a decade, gone for Board corrections and I know exactly how to prepare you to score above 90% in your Exams, if I may daresay a 100 in Math.

I have a few resources, such as Probability formulas,Maxima and Minima Word Problems ,3 Dimensional Geometry, which you can use by clicking on these links.

You can access any of these videos as a free resource.

What happens after Grade 12? Quite a few of you will continue to study Math for a few years more. A good number of students move on to Engineering and most branches of Engineering have Math for the first 4 semesters.

Believe me, Engineering Math is quite advanced.

I have taught Math to degree college students for a decade and Engineering Math far surpasses that level. For instance, in Class 12, you have a formula and applications of that formula in the form of problems. In Engineering Math, you learn the derivations of formulas and applications of these. Most of these run upto a couple of pages each.

You can join my online classes for Engineering Math and score a high GPA. Note that a high score in Math pushes up your GPA. For those of you, who desire to pursue an MS or an MTECH degree, a good knowledge of Engineering Math will help you considerably.

Moving on to the fee structure, as you all know there are no free lunches. I offer one on one individual coaching and group classes of maximum 5 to 10. These are mostly taught on ZOOM an Google Meet. For those of you who wish to keep your cost low, you can opt for group classes.

However, keep in mind that in case you are absent for a class, you will miss it and it may not be repeated. Keeping this in mind, since some of you may be from different schools and colleges, and each institution follows their own schedule, I will be conducting group classes, topic wise only.

That means, there will be an online session for Differential Calculus for Class 12 or Trigonometry for Class 11 or say, Linear Algebra for Engineering Math. For those of you who just want to get it free, you can access my youtube channel, or Pinterest account, Instagram account, or my website

Earn passive income by referring students. So, feel free, to refer your friends and well wishers if they need that extra help in Math. Please note that referral fees will be paid only after the student pays for a particular month.

So, that's all from me, folks! Motivating you to excel in Math.

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