How to Study Integrals for Class 12 Mathematics-NCERT

Updated: Sep 6

If you are in Class 12 and are terrified of Integrals, fear not! You are not alone. You just need to know the right techniques to study Integrals. Read on!

Given a function, whose derivative is given, the process of finding the function is called Integration. Integration and Differentiation are inverse operations.

The integral of a function need not be unique. Integrals of a function differ by a constant k. Here are a few of the basic Integral formulas for you.

basic integral formulas

exponential function integral

trigonometric integrals

The following problem illustrates the heavy use of trigonometry in integrals. As I tell my students, the cos2x formula is used in almost every Calculus class.

Integral of((1+cos8x)/(tan2x-cot2x))

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