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How to Study Vectors for Class 12 Mathematics-NCERT, ISC,CUET

If you are a student of Mathematics, you've definitely come across Vectors at some point of your study. Vectors are used extensively, both in Physics and Mathematics. So utilise these tips on Vectors.

I have taught High School and College Mathematics, for close to three decades and I can confidently guide you with Authority for Class 12 Mathematics. So, even if you don't go for private tutoring, no worries, this is for you!

So what is a vector? A vector is a quantity which has both magnitude and direction. The magnitude of a vector is also called its modulus and is defined as follows.

modulus of a vector

You'll need to note that while calculating vectors, it is final point- initial point.

vector notation

Next, you'll proceed to learn about direction angles or direction ratios and how to compute the direction cosines given the direction ratios. An important property of direction cosines is also illustrated here.

direction ratios of a vector

direction cosines of a vector

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