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1 hour is all you need to learn about Arithmetic mean

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

how to study arithmetic mean

Arithmetic mean forms an integral part of Statistics and Mathematics.. Arithmetic mean is also called a measure of Central Tendency and is most commonly used in Statistics. You will use mean in Class 10, Class 11, in college and in your SAT, GRE and various exams.

Here are 5 important points about mean which you should know.

So, join me in this delightful journey to learn more about Arithmetic mean!

Arithmetic mean is also called "AVERAGE"

You need to know how to calculate the arithmetic mean for discrete values as well as for a frequency distribution. When the class intervals are not continuous, we need to make it continuous before applying the formula. This is the direct method.

arithmetic mean formula

What happens when the values are large?

This is where 2 methods come in handy. First you have the Short Cut method and second there is the Step Deviation method. Both methods are somewhat similar.I have shared the formulas in the post. My students just love it when they get the formulas readymade.

In both cases, you need to calculate an assumed mean. I tell my students to take a mid value for the assumed mean. Either of the three formulas can be used to calculate the arithmetic mean. In case, in the exams they ask for a particular method, then you need to use it.

shortcut method and step deviation method formulas

Extra information

There are 5 important types of averages

Arithmetic mean

Geometric mean

Harmonic mean


Median, Quartiles, Deciles, Percentiles

Important point to note

Note that if each of the values is increased or decreased by a number, the arithmetic mean also increases or decreases by that same number. Questions based on this concept is often asked in multiple choice questions and competitive exams.

Combined mean

Given 2 samples of different sizes and arithmetic means, learn how to calculate the combined arithmetic mean using a simple formula. Again, my students use this formula in exams like SAT, GRE QUANT and so on.

I have put up the relevant formulas here for you.

combined mean formula

In case, you still need extra help

The only way to learn Mathematics is by doing it. You need to practice problems using these formulas and methods. In case you still need some help, you can contact me for online tutoring

I take classes one on one and group classes.To make math education universally accessible and affordable, I am conducting a webinar. for this topic. The entire course topic of Arithmetic Mean would take about one to two sessions to complete. To start the session, there has to be a minimum of ten participants.

If you are interested, you can message me on for payment details and other relevant information.

Would you care to share this information with your friends and fellow students who need some extra help?

I hope this blog is useful to you.

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