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Solving Probability problems using Bayes' Theorem-Mathematics-Class 12

Do you know how easy it is to solve problems in Probability using Bayes Theorem? This video

teaches you precisely how to do that.

I am Suman Mathews, a math educator teaching mathematics for over 2 decades and in this video, I will explain Bayes Theorem and how to use it in problems.

You will be introduced to the statement of Bayes' Theorem and how to use it in problems. For those of you in Class 12, this is just what you need.

So, go ahead and subscribe to this channel . For more such videos, or lessons, you can email me on

You can also feel free to contact me for a free assessment for any topic of your choice.

So, thank you for watching and stay tuned in next week for my video on random variables in Probability.

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