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The Easy Way to Solve Problems in Regression

What to do when you have to solve problems on Regression.

These problems are taught and used at the High School and College Level.

We start with a basic problem on Regression where you learn that the arithmetic means of x and y are obtained by solving the Regression equations simultaneously.

Learn how to calculate the 2 arithmetic means from the 2 lines of regression.
Regression Problem 1

Next, you will learn how to calculate the Regression coefficients and the correlation coefficient from the 2 lines of Regression. Note that this method works by trial and error.

Calculate the regression coefficients from the regression equations
Regression problem 2 page 1

Trial and error method to calculate regression coefficients
Regression problem 2 part 2

This problem teaches you how to calculate the regression coefficients for given values of x and y. You will also learn how to estimate values of x and y.

Calculating regression coefficients and regression equations from the formula
Regression problem 3

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