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The First Step You Can Take to Understand Regression Analysis

Better than lectures, simple images to understand Regression Analysis. If you are studying Mathematics or Statistics at the High School or College level, you will find this useful.

You will learn what is Regression and the 2 lines of regression.

You will learn the basic definition of Regression. The 2 lines of Regression are also introduced.
Regression -1

There are 2 coefficients of Regression , namely the regression coefficient of y on x and the regression coefficient of x on y. The formulas of each is given here.

The formulas of the 2 regression coefficients are discussed here.
Coefficients of Regression

You will be introduced to the 2 lines of regression, namely the regression line of y on x, where y is the dependent variable and the regression line of x on y where x is the dependent variable.

The basic formulas of the 2 lines of regression are given here.
Regression Equations

You will learn the relation between the regression

coefficients , standard deviation and correlation coefficient

Basically, all the formulas that you need for problem solving are provided in these posts.

The relationship between regression coefficients, standard deviation and correlation coefficients are given here.
Regression coefficients in terms of standard deviation

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