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Trigonometry Sum and Difference Formula Video -Class 12 Math NCERT

Understand the sum and difference formula in trig identities. Learn how to prove trigonometric identities using the sum and difference formula. Class 11 NCERT and ISC Mathematics. Do you want to get over your phobia of trigonometry? This video can help! In this video we will discuss: 1. The sum and difference of trigonometric functions 2. Basic identities and formulas i. sin(A +B); sin (A-B); cos (A+B); cos (A-B); tan (A+B); tan (A-B) ii. sin (A+B)sin (A-B) and cos (A+B) .cos (A-B) iii. how products of the form 2 sin A cos B can be converted into a sum or difference.

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