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Trigonometry-Sum and Difference-Identities and Formulas

We will discuss the sum and difference of trigonometric functions , together with basic identities and formulas. A great resource for maths students of class 11 and also extensively used in Calculus. Do you want to get over your phobia of trigonometry? Then watch this video.

I am Suman Mathews, math educator for over 2 decades and I hope these videos will make trigonometry easier for you.

We deal with the formulas of the type sin( A +B), sin (A-B), cos (A+B),

cos (A-B) , tan (A+B) ,tan (A-B). We also touch upon formulas of the type

sin (A+B)sin (A-B) and cos ( A+B) .cos (A-B). We also show how products of the form 2 sin A cos B can be converted into a sum or difference. Entire video is fully illustrated with examples.

What do you find difficult about trigonometry? You could mail me your reply at

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