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Understanding Partial Differential Equations-College Mathematics Course

Solving PDE's can be classified into the following parts

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

You learn what is a homogeneous PDE, Both degree 1 and 2 are discussed here

Formation of PDE is taught , equation of the form f(u,v) =0 is discussed. Chain Rule is also taught when z is expresses as the sum of 2 functions. First order partial differential equations are discussed.

PDE math teaches you how to solve a non homogeneous partial differential equation by direct integration.

Steps to solve a homogeneous PDE is also discussed. An ideal partial differential equations solver.

What trends are occurring in Mathematics? The study of Partial Differential equations is definitely one which will take you long in your field of study.

This course introduces you to PDE, explains the difference between homogeneous and non homogeneous equations and how to solve each of them. You are also taught techniques on how to form a PDE. A simple course which promises you a depth of knowledge! A little knowledge of solving linear differential equations with constant coefficients is needed. This is discussed in my lecture on important tips and formulas.

There is an assignment at the end. All the formulas learnt in this course are also compiled together for you.

Don't miss out on partial differential equations examples.

So, enrol for the course -Course fee INR 899

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