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Yes-The Quickest and Easiest Way For You to Understand Planes

Best Course in 3 Dimensional Geometry Planes.

A desktop, a TV screen, a wall are all examples of planes. A 3 Dimensional plane is also called a hyperplane.

You are a student of Mathematics in Class 12. You have to study 3 Dimensional Geometry which includes Lines and Planes.

You have just managed to understand Lines. When it comes to studying planes, it seems a little difficult. You want to get a good score in Mathematics as that will help you in your College admissions.

You find 3 Dimensional Geometry the most difficult topic in Mathematics for Class 12.

If you are an ISC student, you want to study Section C and leave 3 Dimensional Geometry altogether. But yet, if you have to appear for CUET, you do need to learn 3-D Geometry.

Read this blog and join me for online classes or if you have no time, purchase the course and learn at your own pace. CUET questions will also be covered in the online classes if you are interested.

3 D Geometry starts with the basic equation of a plane. You'll learn to write the basic equation of a plane given the unit normal and the length of a perpendicular from the origin to the plane. The following image helps illustrate this.

Basic equation of a plane
Equation of a plane given the unit normal

You will learn how to write the equation of a plane passing through a point and given the direction ratios of a normal to the plane.

This formula is shown here and is extremely important for you when you are learning 3-D Geometry.

Cartesian Equation of a plane
Cartesian equation of a plane

How to go about solving problems in 3- Dimensional Geometry? A number of problems are illustrated using this concept.

The following problem shows you how to find the direction cosines of the normal to the plane. You need to remember that in a plane ax+by+cz+d=0, <a,b,c> are the direction ratios of the normal to the plane.

How to find the direction cosines of the normal to the plane
Direction cosines of the normal to the plane

Finding the image of a point in a plane is yet another topic that is explained here. The following problem should throw some light on this.

Image of a point in a plane
Image of a point in a plane

I hope these formulas and problems were of some use to you.

How to maximize your marks in 3-Dimensional Geometry!

You can sign up for online tutoring or purchase the course.

Hurry, Time is Precious.

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