How To Study Math For Class 12 ?

CBSE and ISC Math for Classes 11 and 12 is quite intense . Now, with the change in exam pattern of CBSE and ISC, as an experienced educator teaching Mathematics for 28 years, I am giving a few tips on how to

prepare .

You need to remember that the only way to learn Mathematics is by doing Mathematics. So first and foremost, write and study . Every problem must be practiced at least twice. Repetition is the mother of Learning.

Here is a link to some of my youtube videos which may help you!

Which books do you use to study ?

As an educator teaching High School Mathematics , for over 2 decades, here are the useful books which would aid you in your exam preparation for ISC and CBSE, Class 12.

I have prepared a couple of courses , namely in Continuity and Differentiability , and Probability which gives you a comprehensive coverage for Class 12, ISC

These are self explanatory.

In case, you would need online tutoring, here is a link to register. I would try my best to help you ace the Class 12 Examinations.

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