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Mathematical Reasoning: Part 2-Mathematics-Class 11- ISC-CBSE


his is part 2 of my course on Reasoning, that I had posted last week. The story unfolds with a few problems on truth tables, which we introduced in the last lesson. Then you are introduced to the two types of quantifiers, negation and how to write the negation of a quantifier. I have noticed that this is a topic in which students make mistakes. I have given simple tips on how to write the negation of a quantifier. Then , we continue with how to write the inverse, converse and contrapositive of a statement. The story ends with validating arguments, though proofs or through counter examples. The best part about this lesson, that you can get as a takeaway is that all this is not readily available in any text book. With my experience as a teacher, I have tried to simplify this for you. I am also available for online classes, with a minimum of 5 students per batch.

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